Retro Metal Bread Box For Kitchen Countertop Turquoise

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Retro Metal Bread Box For Kitchen Countertop Turquoise

Conveniently store baked goods and fresh bread neatly in this bread box. It can fit two to three rolls of bread, or it can store other baked goods such as croissants, bagels, and cookies. It can even hold crackers and pretzels. At the back of the box are holes to allow for proper air circulation. Made from durable powder coated steel, the words "Bread" are printed atop, along with rounded corners for a retro look. The blue color will brighten up any kitchen and will also provide contrast to your other supplies. With a sturdy handle, putting away and grabbing a loaf of bread or baked snack is a snap. Use not not only for baked confections, but it can also hold makeup, staionary supplies, craft supplies, and more. You can even use it to hide your favotrite candies. Hand wash for easy maintenance. Crafted from heavy duty colored steel, measures 16.8" x 9.5" x 6.5"

These bread boxes have a retro design giving a vintage feel to the kitchen space! The craftsmanship of these steel bread boxes have a soft, shiny, solid colored finish that gives off a sleek appearance to users & guests! Storing bread & baked goods neatens up the kitchen space by have a designated space to store them instead of having bags of bread sitting out!

These bread boxes are designed to be easy-to-use by incorporating an easy-left lid with the assistance of a metal handle. The lid lifts up with a light touch requiring little to no effort so you won't need to struggle when trying to get a slice of bread! Even though the lid is easy to open, if closed properly, it will still keep excess air out to ensure the bread will stay fresh for longer!