Digital Cooking Thermometer, Black

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Digital Cooking Thermometer, Black

Have peace of mind that your meal is cooked to perfection with this handy digital cooking thermometer! No more having to cut open a whole chicken to check if it's overcooked inside. Or having to stick a toothpick in a batch of oven-baked brownies to see if it's thoroughly baked.

The LCD display shows accurate temperature results within seconds. The probe measures 7.5" long so you can reach deep into a thick roast or slab of steak and features a sleek tip that prevents putting huge puncture holes in your cooking.

Which means: Seasonings and juices stay in tact. Temperature measurement range is from 58 degrees Fahrenheit to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. (50 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius). Batteries included.

  • Simply insert the tip into food to monitor temperature level
  • The LCD display shows accurate temperature results within seconds
  • Perfect to use on chicken, roast, steak, and more
  • Large display for easy to read results
  • Made of plastic. Batteries are included