4 Piece Glass Canister Set Clear

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4 Piece Glass Canister Set Clear

Ensure your favorite dried snacks and ingredients are kept securely with this four piece glass canister set. Organize everything from candy, trail mix, flour, dry pasta, and more. The canisters come in different sizes, which helps to accommodate your food storage needs. Each canister features a clear base to make it easily to view the contents of each jar. There are metal clamps along the sides to securely hold the contents inside in place, with rubber seals inside the lids to ensure your contents stay fresh. Use these not only for your food, but for small hardware, hair accessories, pens, and so much more. Hand wash to clean.

  • Stores a variety of dry food and cooking staples
  • Features durable glass construction with metal latches
  • Silicone seals underneath the lids help with freshness
  • Doubles as storage for non-kitchen essentials such as rubber bands, clips, pens, hair accessories, small hardware, and more
  • The individual sizes for the canisters are 4" x 4", 6" x 4", 8" x 4", and 10" x 4" and the capacities for the containers are 17oz, 34oz, 50oz, and 68oz.