Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring Decorating Ideas

21st Feb 2017

With spring still a couple of months away, you may be dreaming of warmer weather, cute baby animals, and fresh spring vegetables and berries. The new season will be here before you know it, though, and it will be time to put away your heavy winter coats and blankets soon enough. While warmer days are still a little way off, it’s time to start planning for spring decorating ideas.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Some people prefer a more hands-off approach to home décor that can look and feel good no matter the time of year. Others like to change their décor with the season, and have themed pieces for all four seasons.

Spring decorating can be a great way to liven up any home and shake off the last of the winter cold. If you are spring cleaning, now is a good time to consolidate tasks and declutter your home while you’re at it!

The Living Room

Most people spend a lot of relaxation time in their living room, where comfortable couches, cushions, and throw blankets beckon. You don’t have to completely overhaul your furniture to decorate for spring. Changing out a few items can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room.

You may have invested in blackout curtains over the winter months, which help keep costs down and the heat in. During the spring, these thick curtains can really impact how open and airy a room looks. You can easily change the entire feel of a room by hanging sheer curtains. These will still keep your privacy while letting more light into the room.

Another way to decorate for spring is to change the color scheme of your room. You don’t have to invest in all new decorations to do this. For example, in most living rooms, the couch is the largest object in the room. Adding a new slipcover can change the color scheme of the room within a matter of minutes. Similarly, a couple of new throw pillows can really influence the feel of a room, especially when you choose bright spring or summer colors.

What says spring better than blooming flowers and plants? Take advantage of the season’s flora and place flowers in vases in your living room to add some natural springtime beauty to your room. Potted plants such as basil, lavender, sage, or thyme can take advantage of the longer days and thrive on a sunny windowsill. Even better, these plants are perfect for fresh springtime cooking!

The Bedroom

While the couch may be the king of the living room, the bed is the largest piece of furniture of most bedrooms. As a result, changing out heavy winter bedding for lighter springtime bedding is an effective way to achieve a new look. A bed in a bag is a great time saver when it comes to shopping; plus, they make decorating effortless.

Just like in the living room, changing the curtains can really open up a room. Unlike the living room, though, sheer curtains may not give you the privacy you want. Layering curtains is one way to protect your privacy while still brightening up the room. Choosing patterned curtains such as the Jacquard Wave Panels are both eye-catching and add a bit of pizzazz to any bedroom.

If you’re planning to declutter your bedroom, consider choosing patterned or colorful storage boxes. These boxes are perfect to hold knickknacks, loose papers, winter decorations, and many other small items, and can be folded for easy storage as needed.

When you’re choosing new decorations for your home, remember that fabric matters. Wool and knit fabrics are typically associated with fall and winter. Lighter fabrics such as bamboo or light-woven cotton are more suitable for the warmer weather of spring and summer.

As you can see, spring decorating doesn’t have to be a major investment. A few strategic changes can make all the difference in any living room or bedroom to welcome in the new season!