How To Put On A Slipcover

How To Put On A Slipcover

22nd Apr 2015

Do you know how to put on a slipcover? A slipcover is used to cover furniture to add color to a room or protect furniture from damage. Knowing how to properly put on a slipcover can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your slipcover.

When installed properly, a slipcover will not be noticeable and will appear that your furniture is not even covered! Installed improperly, your slipcover will look saggy and wrinkled, giving the appearance that your furniture is loosely covered.

Following these simple, easy to follow instructions on How To Put On A Slipcover will make installing your slipcover a snap!

How To Put On A Slipcover

Stretch Form Fit Jersey Slipcover

The following easy to follow instructions will help you put on a stretch form fit jersey slipcover:

  1. To install your stretch form fit jersey slipcover, start by placing the stretch-knit slipcover over the furniture. Use the sewn-in positioning labels on the inside to locate and place the slipcover’s front section, back section, and arms in the correct position.
  2. Once the slipcover is positioned on the furniture, the stretch and recover fabric of the stretch form fit jersey slipcover will allow you to pull the slipcover down and tuck it in under the base of the furniture body on all 4 sides without compromising the look of the fabric.
  3. With the slipcover in place, you’re now ready to adjust the arm width. Because the material stretches, you will be able to stretch the slipcover to match the contours of your furniture’s arms by matching the seams to your arm shape.
  4. Slightly lift the back of the seat cushion to place the elastic band under the cushion and tuck around all sides until the seat is smooth. Look no further than your kitchen for handy tools to help tuck in your slipcover. A large, wooden spoon or spatula will do the trick. Gently push the fabric into the crevices.
  5. Now, all you need to do is to line up the back seams at the back corners and smooth any fabric above the elastic bottom band. Adjusting this band gives you a clean, finished look around the base of the furniture and secures the fabric under the body for a great looking fit with no fuss.

Our stretch form fit jersey slipcovers are available in many colors and patterns.

Microfiber Suede Slipcover

The following instructions will easily guide you on how to put on one of our microfiber slipcovers. These instructions can be followed whether your slipcover is a 1 or 2 piece set.

  1. Begin by draping the slipcover over the furniture. Use the sewn-in positioning labels on the inside to identify and properly place the cover’s front section, back section and arms in the correct position.
  2. Once the slipcover is properly positioned on the furniture, take a little extra time to line up the base of the slipcover so it is even with the floor on all 4 sides. The microfiber fabric should hang evenly just above the floor surface for a good fit. Position the arms, lining up the seams to flatter your furniture.
  3. Now it’s time to tuck the fabric of the slipcover under the seat cushion - or cushions - using the slipcover’s elastic feature. This unique feature allows you to wrap the slipcover fabric tightly around the cushions. This helps keep the seat portion of your slipcover tucked in neatly.
  4. Once the slipcover is tucked under the seat cushion, tuck the excess fabric into the arm and side crevices to create smooth looking lines. Fold under any extra fabric on the arms and at the top corners to adjust for the size and shape of your furniture style.
  5. If you have a 2 piece slipcover set, insert your back cushions into the back cushion cover and place on the back of your sofa.
  6. You are now ready to use the ties in front to adjust the arm width and the ties in back to tighten the body of the slipcover around the furniture. Here’s a tip -- try ironing or steaming the crease for a crisp, clean finish. Take extra care to evenly fasten the ties of your slipcover for a professionally finished look.

Our microfiber slipcovers are available in many colors.

How to Measure a Couch For A Slipcover

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