Home Basics Coated Non-Woven Free-Standing Shoe Rack , Shoe Organizer, Shoe Tower, 4 Tier, 10 Tier & 10-Tier Wide

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Home Basics Free-Standing Shoe Rack , Shoe Organizer, Shoe Tower,  10-Tier

- 4-tier, 10-tier and 10-tier wide shoe racks provide big space to contain your shoes.

- Fits into any bedroom or dressing room and gives you a clean and comfortable life space.

- Features:
      - roomy, nonslip shelves can hold dress shoes, gym shoes, boots and more.
      - special fabrics has the function of waterproof, easy to wash.

- The shoe rack is lightweight and easy to move.

- Specification:
      - color: grey
      - product size:
              - 4-tier : 24.5" x 12" x 14" (fits up to 12 pairs)
              - 10-tier : 24.5" x 12" x 59"  (fits up to 30 pairs)
              - 10-tier wide : 36" x 12" x 59" (fits up to 50 pairs)
      - material: non-woven fabrics, plastic, metal -

- Shipping list: - 1 x shoe rack - 1 x instruction

* Note: before assembly, you can put the connectors in warm water for some minutes (especially in some cold areas) to increase their flexibility. times and times disassembling is not recommended as it may cause the connectors broken in the process.