2-Cup Stainless Steel Stove Top Espresso Maker

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2 Cup Stainless Steel Stove Top Espresso Maker

Make your morning cup of caffeiene in style with this stainless steel stove top espresso maker. It is designed with a large silicone "stay cool" handle that allows you to grab the espresso maker without getting burned. It's perfect for home use or traveling, and makes great cappucino and coffee.

All of these units work on the same principle and the working parts are all the same.  There is a bottom container that you fill with clean, cold water, a perforated basket that holds the coffee grounds with a tube that extends down almost to the bottom of the lower container with the water. The top half has a perforated screen in its bottom.  When this top half is screwed onto the bottom half, the perforated screen keeps the coffee grind in place during the pressure brewing process.  A rubber gasket forms a tight seal between the top and bottom halves of the unit. There is a pressure relief valve in the bottom half as a safety device that releases the steam pressure if it becomes excessive due to any kind of blockage for the hot water to travel up through the coffee grounds. Placing the prepared/filled unit on the stove for a heat source heats the water to the boiling point.  This forces the hot water up through the coffee grounds under steam pressure and fills the top container with finished coffee.  Once all the water in the bottom half has been forced through the grounds, the coffee is finished and the unit must be taken off the heat.

Available in 3 "cup" sizes (1 cup = 1 ounce shot)