​Tips To Protect Your Furniture from Pets

3rd May 2016

Sharing home furniture with paws or claws naturally translates into additional wear and tear in a shorter time span. However, you don’t need to choose between your furniture and your pets. You can just as easily protect your furniture from pets by taking a few easy steps.

How to Protect Furniture from Pets

Clean regularly

In homes where pets are allowed on the furniture, it is always a good idea to wipe down or vacuum the furniture frequently. Also, you can make sure that removable cushions are rotated regularly so that the pet’s favorite resting spots do not become obvious through dirt or wear.

Cover it up

Draping a sheet or blanket over furniture makes cleaning up much easier. Simply toss it in the wash and any muddy paw prints will vanish.

For a more tailored look, choose from a variety of slipcovers available from Linen Store. Furniture throws are available in an assortment of sizes to fit sofas, loveseats or chairs, and feature a range of colors to suit any décor motif. Designs like the Quilted Microfiber Pet Dog Couch Furniture Protector and Micro-suede Furniture Pet Dog Couch Protector are devised specifically to combat pet hair and dirt.

Choose the right material

Two of the most popular choices for pet-proof furniture are leather and microfiber. Leather is feasible because it looks nice and is easy to clean with a basic wipe down. Plus, leather does not attract hair like fabrics. To protect leather couch from dog scratches, take care to keep your pet’s nails nice and trimmed.

Microfiber is another useful choice for pet-friendly homes given its durability. Also, microfiber is not only difficult to stain, but is also engineered to repel wetting. Another benefit of choosing microfiber in homes with pets is that microfiber does not hold odor as much as other fabrics.

De-shed and groom your pets regularly

A regular routine of grooming and de-shedding can help significantly with cutting down on all that extra fur. To protect the couch from dog hair, consider getting a de-shedding tool and vacuum regularly to minimize stray hairs.

Along with the problem of shedding, naturally present oils in pet fur can also become an annoying cause of pet odors. Whenever pets play on furniture or carpets, the oils get transmitted to these surfaces. A simple way to prevent these odors is to take a washable pet blanket or cushion and place it on the pet’s preferred spot.

Routine cleaning of upholstery is an easy way to avoid pet odors from occurring and also minimize everyday grime and dirt that pets bring inside the home.

Likewise, trimming the pet’s nails can also keep damage to furniture to a minimal.

Provide practical alternatives

Cat owners know full well that scratching comes naturally for their feline companions, and furniture is a tempting target to vent this natural instinct. However, if a suitable alternative such as a scratching post is provided, protecting furniture from cats can become an easier task.

Functional scratching posts need to be weighty enough so that they do not wobble. They should also be tall enough to allow the cat to stretch fully and should not be covered in carpeting material. Instead opt, for a natural fiber rope type material like sisal which won’t snag and is probably the closest option to a tree trunk.

Protection from pet chewing

Just as cats claw, dogs tend to chew. They may do so as a means to exert their energy, may opt for the furniture if their existing chew toys no longer interest them, or simply to keep themselves engaged. In any case, the chewing can become troublesome for pet owners.

To protect furniture from puppy chewing, you can make sure that your pet has a variety of chewing toys for different types of activities, such as toys to chase after, toys to swing or toss around and toys that are made from materials which are difficult to chew through.

Protection from pet urine

Urine is undoubtedly the foremost trigger of pet related odor issues. As lingering odor can quickly penetrate deep into the fiber, it is important to act quickly to extract it before it dries out.

To protect furniture from dog urine, work with an absorbent paper towel or dry towel to blot as much of the urine as possible. Quickly put clean water directly on the soiled area while absorbing as much of the liquid as possible. Once the moisture has been thoroughly soaked up, lay one clean towel folded into quarters on top of the affected area and keep it there for a couple of hours.

This will help drain the urine out and keep the spot stain free. Should the stain remain visible, you can dog proof furniture covers with pet urine neutralizer, a bio-modifier or an oxidizing stain remover, all of which can be found in most pet shops.

Protect Your Furniture With Linen Store

Living with pets can make protecting your furniture a challenge, but don’t despair! Try one or a combination of steps from our handy guide. With some persistence, you’ll find the right combination of tactics for your home.

If you’re looking for furniture protection before damage has been done, search no further than Linen Store. We offer a variety of slipcovers and furniture throws for your favorite couches and easy chairs.

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